The Benefits of 420 Chrome Stainless Steel Coiled Spring Pins

In applications requiring a combination of high strength, superior fatigue life, and corrosion resistance, 420 martensitic chrome stainless steel offers a host of technical benefits and provides an overall robust cost-effective solution.

Compression Limiter Installation Technology

SPIROL offers robust, vertical installation machines specifically designed to post-mold install Compression Limiters into a variety of plastic assemblies. The machines can install a single Compression Limiter or multiple Limiters simultaneously into various polymers, thermoplastics and thermosets.

SPIROL’s Compression Limiter Installation Machines are versatile solutions designed to be retooled to accommodate changing part configurations. Each model incorporates standardized machine components to reduce factory lead time, improve component reliability, and lower component costs when compared to equipment of similar quality.

SPIROL specializes in application-specific fixtures to ensure that all assembly components are held accurately in place through the installation process.

In addition to SPIROL’s standard Compression Limiter Installation Machines, we also offer error-proofing and optional enhancement features. Contact SPIROL today to learn more!

model cm
Model CM Manual Installation Machine
This exceptionally versatile tool for post mold assemblies is ideally suited to all levels of production: from a single unit for prototype assembly, to multiple units on an assembly line. The SPIROL® Model CM Manual Compression Limiter Installation Machine easily accommodates quick change-overs by simply replacing the part holding device (fixture) attached to the base of the machine, changing the Compression Limiter size and adjusting the positive depth to accommodate the variation in part size. The use of high-tech shafting and bearings results in smooth operation, precise positioning, repeatability, and durability.
Model CP Pneumatic Compression Limiter Installation Machine
An accurate and consistent method to install virtually any Compression Limiter into plastic applications requiring up to 4.5kN (1000 lbs). Install just one Compression Limiter into one assembly, or several Limiters across multiple assemblies simultaneously for increased productivity. The Model CP’s quick-change tooling creates the flexibility to adapt the platform to a variety of products within seconds. The Model CP has a 230mm x 280mm (9”x11”) work area and is built on a rigid steel frame with high-precision shafting and linear bearings resulting in smooth operation, precise positioning, repeatability, and durability.

The Model CP is available with optional enhancement features for error-proofing and maximum efficiency.

model cl
Model CL Compression Limiter Installation Machine
This robust, vertical installation machine is specifically designed to install Compression Limiters into a variety of plastic components. The Model CL Compression Limiter Machine is available in two models: the CL1000 (1,000 lbs. maximum installation force) and the CL2000 (2,000 lbs. maximum installation force) and is available with multiple installation tips in nearly any configuration at various elevations. The incorporation of a touchscreen operator interface machines our machines easy to use and customizable. Language conversion is easily executed to support international use. The Model CL Compression Limiter Installation Machine is equipped with installation verification to ensure that the machine has completed a full installation cycle and a Compression Limiter was installed at each location.

Available as standalone module with a 405mm x 405mm (16" x 16") working area or can be integrated into a larger, fully-automated cell.

The Model CL Compression Limiter Installation Machine is available with optional enhancement features for error-proofing and maximum efficiency.

model clx
Model CLX Compression Limiter Installation Machine
The Model CLX operates the same way as the Model CL, yet this extra-large machine was designed with a 760mm x 760mm (30” x 30”) working area to accommodate larger assemblies.

Additional Information

Review SPIROL Application Stories to see how our engineers make critical recommendations for the fastener and installation method for the best quality and overall cost savings of a customers assembly.

See how SPIROL helped one customer overcome an installation challenge of simultaneously installing multiple Compression Limiters at different elevations with SPIROL into an automotive wiring harness channel.

Contact us for complimentary technical assistance for your Compression Limiter Installation application.

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