The Benefits of 420 Chrome Stainless Steel Coiled Spring Pins

In applications requiring a combination of high strength, superior fatigue life, and corrosion resistance, 420 martensitic chrome stainless steel offers a host of technical benefits and provides an overall robust cost-effective solution.

Hinge Pins for PC Board Card Locks and Ejector Clips

The flexibility of the Series 880 Coiled Spring Pin makes it the ideal hinge pin for PC board card lock and ejector clip mechanisms. The quality of the hinge is unsurpassed by any other fastening method due to the low insertion force and compression of the pin during and after installation. As with all Coiled Spring Pins, the Series 880 is self-retaining, and thus no secondary processes are required for retention of the pin within the hole. The pin’s uniform radial spring force results in a controlled hinge movement that remains consistent throughout the life of the assembly.

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ejector coiled spring pin
Series 880 Coiled Pin
The uniform radial force exerted by the Series 880 Coiled Pin for PC Board Card Locks and Ejector Clips results in preservation of the hinge and prolonged life of the assembly.

Additional Information

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