SPIROL Introduces New Precision Machined Compression Limiters to Protect Plastic Assemblies

SPIROL is pleased to introduce the new Series CL6000 lightweight, lead-free, Aluminum Precision Machined Compression Limiters. Compression Limiters are designed to reinforce high stress joints in plastic assemblies where bolts are used to connect two components to each other.

Sourcing a Fastener: Lowest Installed Cost

What is the real cost of a component? When sourcing a fastener, this is often answered as the one that costs less. However, it is not that simple. The correct answer is "the one that yields the lowest overall cost of the assembly." This White Paper details how to evaluate the lowest installed cost of a fastener and the overall cost of an assembly.

Need help finding the right solution?

SPIROL offers complimentary Application Engineering support. We will assist on new designs as well as help resolve issues, and recommend cost savings on existing designs.