SPIROL Introduces New Precision Machined Compression Limiters to Protect Plastic Assemblies

SPIROL is pleased to introduce the new Series CL6000 lightweight, lead-free, Aluminum Precision Machined Compression Limiters. Compression Limiters are designed to reinforce high stress joints in plastic assemblies where bolts are used to connect two components to each other.

Automotive Plastic Electronic Module

A manufacturer of automotive plastic electronic modules was experiencing installation problems with a competitor’s Insert, as well as insufficient performance of the Insert during assembly of the mating component. Each time an Insert was installed incorrectly the assembly had to be discarded. Assemblies were also scrapped if the Insert rotated in the plastic while tightening the screw used to fasten the assembly together. The plastic housing is comprised of 30% glass filled Nylon, and there are four Inserts, one in each corner, per housing.
SPIROL Series 29 symmetrical brass Insert

SPIROL Series 29 symmetrical brass Insert

Automotive Plastic Electronic Module

model hp

SPIROL Model HPD Dual Pneumatic Heat Insert Driver

SPIROL Engineering recommended the use of a SPIROL Series 29 symmetrical brass Insert in place of the competitor’s Insert, and a standard Model HPD Dual Pneumatic Heat Insert Driver to install two Inserts at the same time into the plastic housing. The operator simply loads the plastic module into a fixture, and places two Inserts into the top of the molded holes. Upon activation, the Dual Heat Inserter advances, two heated tips engage with the two Inserts and heat is transferred until the Inserts reach the melt temperature of the plastic. The machine smoothly and consistently pushes the Inserts into place, and then retracts and resets. The operator slides the fixture forward, and repeats the process to install the final two Inserts. The completed assembly is removed and the next one loaded.

By installing better performing Inserts two at a time, assembly time has dramatically improved, and scrap has been virtually eliminated.

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