An automotive molder was molding and assembling an Oil Level Dipstick consisting of a blade and finger ring. Their objective was to be able to quickly and efficiently assemble 5,000 units per month. To do so, the company desired to establish a production cell that could accomplish this in one week. The cell also needed to be flexible enough to allow them to assemble several other low-volume items in the remaining weeks of each month.
app coiled pin dip stick
Coiled Pin and Model PM manual pin inserter
app coiled pin dip stick fizture
Alignment fixture for ease of assembly
A standard-duty SPIROL® Coiled Spring Pin was selected to permanently fasten the two components together. SPIROL’s Application Engineers worked with the molder to determine that five SPIROL Model PM Manual Pin Inserters equipped with spring-loaded alignment pin fixtures would accomplish their goal. Each SPIROL Model PM machine can be easily and quickly converted from one pin size to the next by swapping pin chucks and alignment fixtures. Various assembly sizes are accommodated by raising and lowering the mechanism head without the need for tools.

The Model PM machines provided the molder with the ability to deliver quality assemblies and the flexibility to meet the work cell’s production goals.

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