The Benefits of 420 Chrome Stainless Steel Coiled Spring Pins

In applications requiring a combination of high strength, superior fatigue life, and corrosion resistance, 420 martensitic chrome stainless steel offers a host of technical benefits and provides an overall robust cost-effective solution.

Fuel Rail

A fuel injection systems manufacturer had incorporated the use of two steel brackets to clamp the fuel rail to the top of the engine. The customer was looking at changing these brackets to plastic as a cost reduction. In order to prevent deformation of the plastic bracket during the tightening of the bolt, a Compression Limiter was required.

The customer originally investigated the use of a machined Compression Limiter, but the savings from changing the metal bracket to plastic would have been lost considering the high price of the machined Limiter. The customer approached SPIROL to help provide a lower cost solution for the Compression Limiter.
app compression limiter fuel rail
app compression limiter fuel rail close up

Metal brackets were going to be replaced with plastic brackets as a cost reduction.

app compression limiter cl200

In order to prevent deformation of the plastic bracket, CL200 Compression Limiters were required.

SPIROL Engineering recommended the use of a standard CL200 (non heat treated) Compression Limiter based on the rated proof load of the bolt that was used in the assembly. This roll-formed Compression Limiters is a fraction of the cost of a machined Compression Limiter. In addition, the flexibility of the roll formed Limiter enabled the customer to widen their hole tolerances which further reduced the cost of the assembly as the machined Limiter would required significantly tighter tolerances.

SPIROL's objective is to recommend the lowest installed cost component. Due to the fact that SPIROL has a vast standard range of products, often times samples are provided from stock at minimal cost.

Our staff of engineers will review your application needs and work with your design team to recommend the best solution.

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