The Benefits of 420 Chrome Stainless Steel Coiled Spring Pins

In applications requiring a combination of high strength, superior fatigue life, and corrosion resistance, 420 martensitic chrome stainless steel offers a host of technical benefits and provides an overall robust cost-effective solution.

Innovative fastening solutions.
Lower assembly costs.

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We offer complimentary engineering support to help you design not only the engineered fastener, but also the critical recommendations for the interface between our product and your assembly.


Since 1948, SPIROL has been helping companies lower their total assembled cost through innovative fastening and joining solutions. Over the years, SPIROL has grown to be a leading designer, manufacturer and distributor of engineered fasteners, shims, parts feeding technology and installation equipment.
In addition to high quality products, SPIROL has Application Engineers throughout the world to assist you in your designs, supported by state-of-the-art manufacturing centers and global stocking facilities to simplify the logistics of delivering your product.

2D/3D Drawings

SPIROL offers 2D/3D drawings of all products. In addition to being able to download the drawing, all standard products are provided with SPIROL's item number and the weight for each part. Simply select the part you want and download the 2D drawing or 3D model in the required format.

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Application Stories

SPIROL products are used in literally thousands of applications spanning virtually all markets where component parts are assembled...from miniature pins used in eye glasses to shims used in earthmoving equipment and jumbo jets...in quantities ranging from one piece to multi-millions. Our parts have gone to the moon!

We understand the specifics and intricacies of each market segment and adapt our capabilities to meet those needs. Read some of our Application Stories proving our years of success with helping our customers increase their product quality and saving on overall costs.

Quality Certifications

All SPIROL locations are certified to internationally recognized quality system standards. We continuously upgrade based on emerging expectations and requirements.